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Sharing about Prayer Practices

2024年4月1日 admin 0

My Pray Life Journey ( Angela Hsu) Prayer life changes just as life changes. Different chapters of life morphed my prayer life like a rollercoaster.  The thrill of a rollercoaster with twist and turns and loop d loops – not the ups and downs analogy.  When seasons of life that were less hectic, I had the privilege to spend time with prayers of meditations and daily conversation with the Heavenly Father.   Currently this season in life is quite full. With 3 kids, full time job, taxi driver, cook, and the list goes on, prayer life is different than before. It’s become sparse but not any less important.  There are random times of days when I catch myself thinking, I should thank the Lord for blessing me the opportunity to drive my child somewhere.  I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed in thi […]

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