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2024 Monthly Prayer Meetings Archived

2024年4月19日 Zhou, Zhixuan 0

Summary of prayer meeting on 4/26/24Encouragement building upSteve Quen – says the challenge is people go into Bible Study modeAugust – 2 churches who have understand and practiceSLO group – Victor tried and the students were hesitant to approach the God podHis thought is that we start small two churches, Mtn View The members feel that it is okay to start smallAZ churches were hesitant because one offered that Hosea might encourage people tohave an ungodly marriageJL – suggested that familiar passages might help and hearing from God to allow theHoly Spirit to learn; Pr, John says that in teaching the prayer ministry is very toughSQ is good with starting small but he had to leave @ 7:30 am, Victor feels badly that they might miss ou […]

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